24 Feb 2019

Gambit Sunday

Thanks to everyone that attended Gambit Games today. We had a great day with a good variety of games being played.

25 Nov 2018

Gambit Games

Thank you to everyone that came today to Gamdbit Sunday at the Royal British Legion. There was a variety of games being played today including Saga, Temporary Worker Assassins, Heroclix and Keyforge.

Currently we are not sure that there will be another gaming Sunday before Christmas but we will keep you posted.

16 Jun 2018

Castle Panic

At the end of Month Gambit Sunday we will be organizing a game of Castle Panic with some really great prizes... MORE INFORATION next week!!!

12 May 2018

Mid Month Gambit

Tomorrow it is Gambit Sunday and KD Games will be there as usual hosting a number of events.

First up we will have Pokemon TCG. There will be a small tournament in the morning starting at 11am. It will be standard constructed and the entry price will depend on your age group, Junior and Senior players will cost just £2 while the Masters category will cost £4. Each player will get a booster at the end of the event and the winner will get additional promotion items as a prize.

Next we will have Heroclix. As well as an event hosted by South Coast Heroclix there will be a smaller event that KD Games will be running. It will be a constructed event where players can build teams of up to 150 points but no single model may cot more than 40 points. Once we know numbers we will decide if the event will be 1 vs 1 format or Battle Royale. There will be prizes for this event but no additional entry cost.

Finally there will be a full day of general gaming, covering everything that people want to play from board games, table top miniature games and card games. Doors open at 11am. Hopefully see you all there.

4 May 2018

Gambit Games Sunday 13th May

Our next gaming day is SUNDAY 13th MAY and will be at the Royal British Legion starting at 11am. Currently the events that are planned are: Pokemon League Challenge, Hero Clix and Magic the Gathering along with our usual casual gaming.