About Us, Contact Info and Directions

Gambit Games UK is a growing gaming club dedicated to playing tabletop wargames.

We started out playing Warhammer 40,000 and over the years have progressed through Warhammer Fantasy, Bloodbowl, Necromunda, Mordheim, Aeronautica Imperialis, War Machine, Magic the Gathering, Wings of War WW1 and WW2, Zombies, War of the Ring, Catan, Khet, Dungeons and Dragons, Risk, Halo Clix, Axis and Allies, Dystopian Wars, Lords Of War, Warmachine and Hordes, Flames of War, Bolt Action, Multiple and Various boardgames...(We realy could go on, the list is pretty big)...

We play the last sunday of every month at The Sea Scout Hut, Adur Recreation Ground just outside of Shoreham

Ways of getting to us:
  • Car / Motor Bike: parking on site is free, we have limited space by the hut but there is plenty of space at the recreation ground which is right next to the site. Easiest routes are via A259 (the seafront road) toward Shoreham.
  • Train: Off at Shoreham Station heading South, walk towards the seafront and then turn right at the ferry bridge. Walk down the high street and accross the river. On the left is what was the Adur Outdoor Centre and just behind is the Scout Hut. It is about a 15 minute walk.
  • Bus: 2/700 both stop near by, within 5 mins walk.

Hot and cold refreshments are available at the venue, the menu below (click to enlarge) sports the regular fair, but we have additional treats every so often. Also if their is anything you wish to see regularly, please do not hesitate to ask.

There is also Tuesday Evenings or 'Skirmish Tuesdays' hosted by KD Games at the Royal British Legion next to Shoreham Station please contact Gary on his personal email to find where we're at - kidsdreams@sky.com. Also Tuesday sees Pokemon League from 4pm-6pm and Vanguard League from 6pm-9pm.


GGUK is part of Games Workshop's Gaming Club Network (GCN) and we've hosted 40k games at Gamesday in Birmingham and Salute in London. We're also connected with the Wizard's of the Coast' DCI program and host sanctioned magic tournaments as well as FNM (Friday Night Magic), once more at the Royal George or Scout Hut, 6pm onwards.

If this sounds like your kind of club, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. Also if you'd like to get more information from us as to whats happening at the monthly club days or games evenings, or forward a request to join our mailing list - gambitgamesuk@gmail.com


Your Hosts

The founders of the club
Barry and Gareth
Elected Annually

Lords of War, Stak Bots, Ticket to Ride, MTG and Pokemon,
Angels, Dragons, Shiney Things and Cycling.

Chaos (in particular Nurgle), Zombies (not the game just zombies),
Yu Gi Oh,
Pit, Painting (Likes Aaron Painting) and Chocolate Spread.

Warlord Games Ranger
Painting, Bolt Action, Firefly, Judge Dredd,
Warmachine/Hordes, Paintballing.
Card Games, Polical Correctness.

Zombies, Blood Angels, Necromunda, Mordheim, Vampire Counts, Aeronautica Imperialis Smack Talk and Dark Heresy.
Loosing, Cucumber and Broken Scenery.

 MTG, Card of the Dead, Super Dungeon Explore, Lords of War,
Drawing, Roller Skating, Sci-Fi and Co-op Boardgames.
Axis and Allies, Poor Design and Mushrooms.

Privateer Press, Press Ganger 
Warmachine/Hordes, Netrunner, Mage Wars, Cosmic Encounter,
Twilight Imperium, Bacon and all things zombie!
 Memory Games, Carcasonne and Monopoly.

 All of it.
  Painting and Assembling Miniatures.

If you wish to contact any of our committee members then please e-mail us at gambitgamesuk@gmail.com and put the persons name in the title.