24 Jan 2011

Last Weeks Update

Last week Gambit Games held two Young Guns after school clubs and our weekly gaming evening, all held at Kids Dreams in Boundary Road, Hove.

The emphasis again was on Necromunda and Magic the Gathering.

In the Young Guns club on Wednesday, there were several players aged between 12 and 14 all looking forward to seeing their gang members gain more combat experience so that they could see their gang rise up the ratings to become the major power in the underhive. For some the ambitions were not forth coming, whilst others saw new hero's appearing on the gang rosters. A great battle was fought in ruins the between 4 different gangs, with no enforcers present this week, fighting seemed to be more fierce. The 'Sewer Runners' were keen to make the most of the absence of the enforcers and charged into combat almost from the first turn, coming up from the tunnels very close to their rival gangs and taking the early initiative. This aggressive tactic did not however pay off this week as several of the gang members fell to heavy gun fire. New gang to the underhive the 'Infected' also made aggressive moves towards the opposition, this time with more success, losing only one casualty, unfortunately this was their leader. The 'West Side Boys' did much better also this week, one member 'Riley' pulling off a miracle shot through a window claiming a much needed kill confirming his place as the most effective of all the gang heavies. After the gun fight was over, several of the wounded did not recover from their wounds, this included 'The Infected's' leader, resulting in the promotion of their most aggressive member 'Head Shot' to become their new leader. The 'Sewer Runners' also lost 'Tallern' who had progress well in previous battle and had been tipped as a future gang leader.

Clubs this week are :
Tuesday Young Guns (12+) 3:30pm til 6:00pm
Tuesday Night Gambit Games (7:00pm til late)
Wednesday Young Guns (10+) 3:30pm til 5:30pm
Thursday Afternoon Magic (12+) 3:30pm til 5:30pm

If you want to come to any of these clubs let us know. For the older members of the club Tuesday night looks likely to be 'Necromunda' as a main focus. Let us know if you are coming and if you want to play anything different.

Gary of Team Gambit

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