3 Mar 2011

Out of the Wastes


Initial reports have confirmed that the Ratskins have clashed with Gangs from House Cawdor, Escher and Van Saar.
A peaceful people, the Ratskins generally avoid contact with hivers and wander the wastes searching for Archeotech sites.

"Speaking to us now is Dr. Alexius Canium who has been studying the Ratskins for many years. Welcome Doctor."


"What could have led to this sudden violence against the Houses of Hive Primus?"

"Well, as you've already mentioned the Ratskins are normally very peaceful. There are occasions, however, when war-bands are formed to seek vengeance on hivers that have disturbed their settlements. Such events usually result in destruction of sacred Ratskin ground and lead to the deaths of tribe members."

"So they're after blood?"

"That depends on their Chief. It may be that he has personal motives for engaging other Gangs."

"So should Hivers be concerned?"

"Generally not. All clashes will be confined to the Underhive as the Ratskins were born and raised there. However, there may be electrical outages or tremours caused by a Hive Quake."

"Thank you for your time Dr. Canium. We'll, of course, keep viewers informed with up-to-date reports of any clashes in the Underhive and their impact on you at home."

John of Team Gambit

P.S. Big thanks to Pete for doing an excellent job on the models.

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