13 Apr 2011

Campaign Anyone?

Hello there!

As you know our Necromunda campaign has fizzled out a bit! So far w
e have played a few games, most have had memorable moments, some on the other hand not so... This is twice my leader has been captured and sold into slavery! (the cheek of it) and twice i have re-started my gang, but i guess that's all part of the fun.

Anyway, I will take it unto myself to bring a bit more variety into the game for those who fancy a challenge, read on!

For The First Instalment... ESCORT!

A rich merchant has paid you the hansom sum of 100 credits, a 50% discount on his wares and +1 on the rare item roll (for those who make it) to escort him safely across the wastes!
As you may well know the wastes are a dangerous place, even for the hardened ganger,
they are riddled with; bounty hunters, mutants, plague zombies, and of course other gangs!

The defending player will have half of his gangers turn up, picked at random by dice.
It would be very unwise for the gang leader to send his heavies, 'due to the can't move and shoot', so they are excluded.

The defenders role is simple protect the trader and his stock! The trader will have his two sons with him, who due to the nature of their family business are more than capable to fend of a couple of attackers, but not many!

This is a multi-player game so more gangs the merrier.

The attackers will have d3+1 gangers turn up, as the rest are protecting their hideout, also randomized, and again no heavies.

The attackers role is as simple as the defenders:-
There will also be a monster roll, so keep your guys close!
Which ever attacking gang is victorious will recover; 2x Las-Guns, 2x Autopistols, 2x Swords, Flack Armour, Frag Grenades and 2x Respirators!

Experience for the Defenders; +10 for successful defence to the Gang Leader plus the normal +5 per wounding hit +d6 for each survivor.

Experience for the Attackers; +5 per wounding hit +d6 for each survivor (+8 for the gang who gets the loot... to be divided amongst the present gangers)

This game is set to commence either on a Tuesday evening or on our Gamesday (Sunday 24th of April).

From your friendly neighbourhood 'Trollslayer' (for Gambit Games)

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