15 Apr 2011

Salute 2011

Gambit Games are going to Salute 2011 tomorrow to demonstrate a new variant of our Warhammer 40K scenario: Valkyrie Down - this time its the Tyranids that pose the almost unstopable threat. We will post more information about Salute when we get back. For those who are planning on visiting Salute tomorrow here is the introduction to our game....

As the Valkyrie crashed down around him in the ruined city instead of carrying his skinny arse back to Base Primus, Lieutenant Rafe Kelton considered his changing fortunes. Half an hour ago, all he had thought about was the fame he would soon garner! The reason - clean shots from his Recon Lightning’s High Altitude Recorder of the kraken hive fleet massing on the planet on Ichar IV. His recorder was showing a massive tyranid organism when the data came back its information sent a chill down his spine … it was a TYRANID HIEROPHANT BIO TITAN! All of a sudden, Rafe was critical to the war effort! The stir when he reported back finding it was audible - even over the vox line to the commanders at the base. His orders were “get the detailed shots of the army composition back to base”. Even a Space Marine had joined his voice to the commands – the eye of the Emperor was firmly on him! A first – an order he actually wanted to follow… The Emperor had a fine sense of irony it seemed as five minutes later he was crawling from the wreckage of his Lightning deep in enemy territory - shot down by a lucky shot from a venom cannon. It seemed the pictures were the reason for the prompt arrival of the Valkyrie to recover him – along with a squad of stone faced killers to ensure his arrival in one piece and once more the Emperor’s gaze was elsewhere… A torrent of fire from a carnifex scouting brood tore the Valkyrie out of the sky and now Rafe knew it was all over. As he looked at the grim faces of the guardsmen around him, he knew his number was up. He could hear the the scuttling of many bio organisms fast approaching. Then as the noise from the approaching tryanids grew. The vox in the ruined Valkyrie sputtered into life.



+++ ETA 15 SECONDS +++

Rafe gazed in awe at the fiery comets approaching his position, then sweat broke out as he realised the Angels of Death hadn’t mentioned recovering him too….

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