4 Apr 2011

The Second Gauntlet

Olly here, with the final results of the Pauper Tournament from last week. John has already said bout the fun he had and the deck he put forward but well I'm going to do the same :D

We had 12 contestants take up the first challenge and this is the final standings complete with there deck choice...

Kevin Jackson with his Blue/Black Artifacts

John Herring with Black 'n' Green infect (full list here - http://gambitgamesuk.blogspot.com/2011/03/prince-of-paupers.html)

Nathan Minter with a Harsh Red Burn Build

Gary Campbell-Smith with the First of Two Black and Red Infect Decks

Gihan Bandaranaike with Mono Black

Dave Sanders with the Second Black and Red Infect

Mike Pike with Blue/ White Allies

Nick Lewis with Mono Green

Me - Olly James with Green/White Combo

Dominic Ransom with White/Blue Levellers

Gavin Scott with Goblins an Battle Cry

Rob Williams with Red and Artifact

I'm really happy with how the first event went, not so much with my position in the results table though but that was my fault for using a deck with massive weakness' (Burn and Mill). I fell down against the quicker and more brutal decks early in the tournament and didn't really come back from that, loosing to both Nathan and Mike 2 - 0, but beating Gavin 2 - 0, then drawing with Dave 1-1.

The deck for me that really stood out in the tournament was Nathans Burn deck. It was quick and straight to the point, using some key cards to bolster his offensive, namely Lightning Bolt, Kiln Fiend and Cinder Pyromancer, finishing me with direct 20 points of damage at the end of my turn, two games on the trot.

My deck build revolved around using Devoted Druid with added toughness from Eland Umbra to power out Ulamogs Crusher early or to use Presence of Gond to amass a small army, again early on, both do-able on the fourth turn with only three land.

There were some nice extras that helped either add more toughness to the druid or more power to my army (Might of the Masses) and then there was Fog, brilliant little card, but cannot block direct damage(!).
I've put my deck list into the deck builder tool, for everyone to have a go with. Just click the link below and once it's loaded you can hit the Test button and play it out.

Now it's time to release the next challenge......

60 CARD SINGLETON - 26th of April at Kids Dreams

Singleton is a format of constructing the deck only using cards once rather than allowing players to use multiples of up-to four of the same card. The ONLY exception to this rule is BASIC LAND.
You can have as many forests, plains, swamps, mountains or islands as you fancy, but if we see two of anything else your out! (you can just put a different card in)

This challenge has no rule against any rarity and we will allow people to create a 12 card sideboard, which can be used to edit your deck after every game.

Prizes are to be confirmed but after last weeks prize of a complete play set of all the commons from Besieged, hopefully something equally as apt will arise for this challenge.

I hope this gets people enthused again,

Once again, I've been Olly for Team Gambit

(If any details are wrong send me a message and I'll change as appropriate)

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