1 Jun 2011

Apocalypse World

The world of the apocalypse, started as of Sunday 29th.

Though our first session had only three people (and just two of them were actual players), the roleplay went well enough. I was rather disappointed we didn't get at least another player or two, however for our next session on Tuesday, next week, I hope to have many more players. In fact, the way things seem to be going, too many.

Thanks to Nick, playing Man the gunlugger, and Dominic, playing Jag the driver, for being fantastic players. Driving up to a random city in an ambulance towing a bus/tank, then dragging a man named Princy with them. Man ended up blowing a woman's limbs from her body through blindfire - something that may have repercussions. And now he has a city of his own!

Anyways, as promised, I'm going to put up some links to the PDFs:
Rules Guide (rough guide to how to play)
Playerbooks and bonus character the touchstone (those just starting, choose a couple that you might like to play)
Rulebook (full 300 pages)

Catboy, of Team Gambit

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