15 Jul 2011

Kune Prerelease

Gambit Games will be holding a sealed event for the nonexistent set, named Kune. It's a project, made by myself, containing over 150 new cards. The cards are not real cards, bear this in mind, however, you will be provided with Magic 2012 boosters too.

The maximum entry cost will be £15, but it will likely be closer to £10, if we have more people. You will be given 3 M12 booster packs, plus the equivalent of 3 Kune boosters (3 rares/mythics, 9 uncommons and 30 commons, with possible foils, lands and tokens won't be necessary). There will be a prize pool, of M12 boosters, and promotional cards, and a booster for each attendee.

To see the cards, as they are released, you can visit this website, or click the title. Newest released cards will be on the first post, at the top. At the moment, there are no cards revealed, but revelations should start soon. If you have any questions please visit the forum.

The event will happen on the Sunday gamesday, being Sunday 31st July 2011. Anyone interested should tell myself or Gary, however there is no need to pay until the Sunday.
We look forward to your interest!

Nathan/Catboy/Strange person of Team Gambit

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