28 Oct 2011

New Event Decks

We have just had delivery of the new Innistrad Event Decks (there are only 3 of each in this delivery, and 2 have sold already, so only 4 left, but more due next week!)To see the full list of cards in the decks use the link below:

Event Decks let you enter the world of tournament play knowing you've got a powerful deck designed to let you be immediately competitive. Each Event Deck contains 60 powerful cards and a supplemental 15-card sideboard. Rest assured that each one of these weapons was handpicked to inflict pain upon any opponent who takes you on.

With the "Hold the Line" deck, the beatdown starts early and never stops. Use low-cost creatures like Elite Vanguard and Champion of the Parish to pressure your opponent starting from the first turn, then suit up your creatures with Equipment to maintain your advantage into the midgame.

Winning with the "Deathfed" deck requires some patience. Your deck is designed with the late game in mind, and if you rush your strategy, your opponent may just overrun you. Don't worry if you appear to fall behind early. Your biggest strength is a well-stocked graveyard, and all of your cards will give you an incremental advantage while fueling your graveyard. Once your engine is up and running, it's very difficult for any opponent to stop.

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