4 Nov 2011

40K Singles

Morning All, Its time to inform you all that the Warhammer 40K Tournament(Singles) will be held on 27th November .

As a club we will not change the format that we used in 2010, we felt this gave the players the opportunity to test their army building and playing skills.

The Rules can be requested from Barry or Gary (Kidsdreams@sky.com, Inferno150@sky.com or Gambitgamesuk@gmail.com)

Tickets will cost £15 (This event sold out very quickly in 2010, so get your ticket soon), £10 if you but early!!!!

1st Place Trophy
2nd Place Certificate
3rd Place Certificate
Best Themed Army Certificate

Painting Standards - Minium Base Coated

Just Remember, 'Risk it for a Biscuit'


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