2 Nov 2011

Innistrad Game Day

Last night was Innistrad Games Day, thanks to everyone that attended and a special welcome to Steve and the guys from MTG Crawley, with our numbers being quite low the four extra players made a big difference! (Hopefully see you all at the next one!)

It was a great night to arrange, and I hope everyone enjoyed playing. A big thankyou to the Whistlestop Inn for allowing us use of there function room! Also a big thanks to everyone who made the extra effort and dressed up (all received an alternate art 'Go For The Throat' card and extra ranking points!!!)

The event itself was very close with the final positions being as follows:

16th Michael Hannagan
15th Halil Driver
14th Ryder Broadbent Smith
13th Nick Lewis
12th Gary Cambell-Smith (Not my best night!)
11th Richard Cooley
10th James Haddow
9th David Saunders

The top eight all received a foil alternate art 'Elite Inquisitor' and a Innistrad Deck Box!

8th John Herring
7th Andrew Haddow
6th Mark Lane
5th Robert Hills
4th Richard Hyde
3rd Steve Bains
2nd Nathan Minter

and our winner .....

1st Olly James

Congratulations to Olly for his win and all in the top eight!

REMEMBER to check your new ranking positions!!!!

Gary of Team Gambit

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