9 Dec 2011

Its Friday!

Its Friday today which can only mean one thing! Well two actually its Friday Night Magic in Shoreham, but just to make things more interesting its late night xmas shopping as well. This will mean that the shop will be open whilst FNM is being played! So for tonight there will be no 'dice off' or coin toss to decided who goes first, instead it will be a 'cracker off'!

Last week FNM saw David claim a victory, although for me Theo stole the night beating Nathan 2-0 in quick succession thanks to that mighty card .... 'Stormfront Pegasus' could this be the end of the Sun Titans rein as the best white creature? .... well no ... but it was fun to watch!

Remember FNM counts towards Gambit Rankings and Planeswalker Points!

Hopefully see you there!

Gary of Team Gambit

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