1 Dec 2011

Warhammer 40K Singles

On Sunday we held our second 40K Singles Tournament and without Phil being able to attend, we have a new company champion!

The event saw armies from many of the 40K universe races try and claim victory on the battlefield! The Dark Eldar, Necrons, Space Marines, Tau, Eldar, Grey Nights, Ork, Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines were all represented! There were two Space Marine Armies trying to reclaim a win for the emperor, following last years win!

In the middle of the field things were very close with several players in with a chance of being in the top 3! The top place however seemed to to belong to the Necrons from the opening game! Congratulations to Mike on a fine victory, the only player to win all of his games!

The final standings were:

10, Aaron - Chaos Marines (1 point)
9, Gary - Eldar (10 points)
These two players only played the first round!

8, David - Tau (4 points)
7, Matt - Dark Eldar (42 points)
6, Chris - Marines (51 points)
5, Gareth - Orks (51 points)
4, Swifty - Marines (51 points)

And the top three....
3, Paul - Grey Knights (62 points)
2, Colin - Imperial Guard (91 points)
1, Mike - Necrons (120 points)

The best painted army went to Gareth for his Ork Army!

I hope everyone enjoyed the day and look forward to seeing everyone at the Double next year!

Gary of Team Gambit
PS Remember to have a look at the rankings page!

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