31 Jan 2012

Apocalypse World - Rip

"Domino, the big guy that owns Bad Ditch, has called you all to him. He explains that “Someone killed Rip. Go kill that someone.” Short and sweet. As you're all kicked out, his girl comes up to you and tacks on "Hey, Rip was actually the only guy who knew where to get water. Means we've run dry. Think you could dosomething about that?”And then you're shut out, blockaded by a pair of grunts who could care less. Rip owns the so-called bar. Owned. He may not have been everybody's friend, but nobody around wanted him dead – he kept the secret of where to find the water to himself – his insurance policy.
When you all get to the bar, you've got three things:
-The symbol etched into Rip's torso
-A woman, says she knows stuff
-Some crazy psycho who's always here – might've seen it
What you do now is....
Well, you know. Up to you."

And that's how our five players started off their new campaign of Apocalypse World. That and this image:

From there, the players attempted conversation with the crazy guy, however with little success, and this became a gun fight resulting in a shattered arm for one, and a bullet in the gut for another, whilst the woman fled.

After interrogating the guy further they found a shack, where they also found the same symbol, although some arrived more suddenly than others, with the aid of the psychic maelstrom transporting them in the blink of an eye.

Amidst the swearing and violence plenty of people were taken out and a particularly grand effort in finishing off the last guy, Buzz.

Where we go from there is anyone's guess...

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