13 Jan 2012

Gambit 2011 Grand Tournament

On Saturday 14th January, we will be holding our first Gambit Grand Tournament! It is open to our top ten ranked players of 2011. It will start at 7pm and will be held in the Whistlestop Inn on Station Road.

The event will consist of 5 rounds, in differing formats. Each player may bring with them a maximum of 5 different decks, these will be the only ones that you can use on the night! Sideboards are permitted!

Round One will be Standard, best of 3.

Round Two will be Modern, Best of 3.

Round Three will be Casual Format, in other words cards from any set! With an added twist, players will draw two objectives at random, these will be secret goals that you should try and acheive during the game, which will give you extra points.

Round Four will be a multi player game using Standard Decks called 2x2, the players will be split into two games, dependant on there standing after the three previous rounds.

The fifth round will depend on time remaining but will be a sealed format, most likely a back draft!

At the end of the evening we will have our first Gambit Grand Master!

This will be a ranked format and scores will go towards the 2012 rankings!

Gary of Team Gambit

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