21 Feb 2012

Apocalypse World - a quick runthrough

Time for a quick runthrough of what happened a few weeks ago, mostly to remind me, but if anyone's reading these, you get to find out what we're doing.

When we returned to Abe (John's character) and Errol (Dom's), they were just entering a brothel, where they found the runaway woman. However, unfortunately for Abe, she had a knife, which ended up embedded in his chest, non-fatally. This became useful a little later on, though, as he had something to throw at the brothel guards, aiding Errol in his fight back.

Meanwhile, the other three were busy revealing their secrets that they'd chosen or been given, which led to Guru (Nick) recruiting them into his cult. Tavi (Aaron) then went off to find someone they'd been looking for, who as it turns out was his sister. So, logically, he knocked her unconscious and waited for the others, who had gone to the brothel to help.

At the brothel, Iris (Dave) decided it would be wise to drive Errol's bus through the brothel wall to get the two out of there, despite Errol having managed the situation. Currently, they're on their way to another town, at the suggestion from Abe...

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