26 Feb 2012

Club Day

This was the scene on arrival at 10am on Sunday.

The Tomb Kings (Simon) were limbering up for their imminent showdown against Chaos (Paul V) on the desert plains.

Following the warp beasts arrival on the opposing table edge this is how battle ensued.

On the other side of the hall Antarctica was facing a Britannia scout fleet (both using pretty much starter fleets, with the addition of destroyers for CoA and Subs for KoB) on the rolling ocean in Dystopian Wars.
The Coa fleet is being fielded by Micheal Russell and the Queen, Ryan Caplin.

Forces of Blood Angels (Aaron) and Eldar (Gary) are facing a known enemy in the neighbouring Ultramarines (Peter) and Eldar Craftworlds (Scott), strange mists are surrounding the battlefield in 40K.
The battle was for two points of interest that seemed to be overflows for the swelling pits of 40ks hell.

Notable happenings (from an outsiders point of view) were the inclusion of brand new trees courtesy of Aaron, Walkers not having that much fun and a lone scout trying to reclaim the might and honour of the Ultramaries. Eventual victors were Aaron and Gary, before there forces returned to being enemies.


Forces of Khador are fighting over a village in the mountains for that extra battle line. (Rob v. Paul)


Multiple variations of MTG are happening on the top table, commander, 1 v1 standard, multiplayer casual and a little trading is happening to.

For the second time, the Village was fought over, but this time in a 40k theme. A miss mash of models forming a Space Wolves faction took on Blood Angels.

In the newly revamped under hive, Aaron's Wonky Shooters (House Orlocks) took on Olly's Apostles (House Cawdor). This battle saw a freshly written Cawdor take on a 2nd game Orlock team. Thus the Orlocks had a little bit more experience but unfortunately had one less man and found themselves up against a gang fielding two heavy stubbers.

Deployment (both gangs holding back 3 members to deploy through vents)

A couple of mishaps for both gangs, failed jumps, being shot of ledges, being point blanked through a window.
Aarons leader shooting a sleeping heavy
Freeze or I'll...
But eventually Cawdor became victorious, taking no casualties against Orlocks five.

One happy Cawdor

Tomb Kings once more stepped into the fray, this time taking on the hulking might of the Ogres.


Baz and Micheal then fought it out for supremacy at Battletech.


Mmmmm Dinner!

Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza, mmmmmm

A small strike force of the Imperium's most finest are chasing down the forces of chaos in a game of Dark Heresy in the back room.

Colin, our resident GM looking delightful

For the last of the days events, the under hive saw the 'West Side Boys' take on the healed and re-armed Orlocks.

Then the hive boor witness to multiple multiplayer shoot outs, featuring Esher, Cawdor, Orlock... and giant dice.
Death by Dice

All in all a good days gaming was had by all, hopefully you'll be apart of it next time around.
For now we've been Baz and Olly, roaming reporters for GGUK :D

P.S If anyone wants to add additional detail to any reports feel free to leave a comment and/or if you've been approved by the machine god, log in and ad it to the post.


  1. Nice work dude

    1. Thanks very much mate, took a little while uploading everything :S