8 Feb 2012

Launch Parties

We have now held both of our launch parties! We had a total of 22 players over the two days which was a good turn out! Pleased to Steve and the guys from Crawley again, even if I had failed to tell them it was standard!!! Expect to see them bringing some powerful decks to the game day later in the year!

Well done to Robert for winning the first event on the Saturday, gaining some valuable points, which may see him back on top for this year! A very strong performance beating everyone over 5 rounds including his sister!

Tuesday night was a bigger event with a variety of decks being used, the top standings were very close throughout the evening, changing constantly. With the promo card being Mondronen Shaman, it was great to see a werewolf deck win the night - a great result for Nick winning a play set to add to his deck!

Ranking points will be updated on Saturday after this weeks FNM, which is in Hove and is STANDARD!

Also if anyone is interested we will be running a league event in Shoreham on Thursdays (4pm until 7pm) over the next few weeks, the format is tribal, block constructed. This means only cards from Innistrad and Dark Ascension can be used and all creatures must be the same type! It will be a casual type format, no time restrictions, however there will be promo cards and winning games will add to your ranking scores!

Gary of Team Gambit

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  1. Well done to Nick. Twas a fun night