22 Feb 2012

Little Men

With our gaming weekend approaching fast and Dystopian likely to be on the agenda I thought I would share these pictures of an Antartica Fleet that one of the Kids Dreams regulars has just finished!

Also he has his own blog called Little Men which is well worth a look! Including how he made the island shown in these pictures!

Look forward to seeing this fleet at one of our events soon!

Gary of Team Gambit

Dystopian wars: 1:1200 Covenant of Antarctica starter fleet
I've been beavering away at the starter box of CoA naval forces and finally have something to show. 

'CVN Theatre', fleet designation Alpha 4 lies off the coast with accompanying  flotilla


  1. They look incredible

  2. You can see my Prussian starter fleet at http://greblord-littlemen.blogspot.com/2012/01/dystopian-wars-11200-prussian-fleet.html

    Thanks John :)