17 Feb 2012

Ranked Play!

We are beginning to get some 'Ranked Games' of 40K which is great as the more games that are registered the more accurate the rankings will become!

To play a 'ranked' game you simply need to agree it with your opponent before you play and then report the result to me, I need players names, armies used, result of games, victory points and objective/kill points! That's it! Once I have the info you will appear on the rankings; earning points as you would in any of our tournaments!

The latest game played was Mikes new Daemon army which completely smashed my Eldar, and with no forces left on the battlefield after seven turns, not even a really sneaky Eldar plan could be pulled off! Two units of 8 Bloodcrushers of Khorne survived without taking a wound. But for me the unit that gave me the most problems was Kairos The Fateweaver, who managed to have 25 straight wounds of 3 plus holding up a unit of 8 warlocks and farseer for 3 turns! He eventually died giving me most of the 400 points that I managed to kill!

Gary of Team Gambit

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