2 Mar 2012

Dark Ascension League Update!

Week 4 of the Dark Ascension League was held in Shoreham yesterday, with 7 all playing each other to find the dominant race on Innistrad! This week we had Vampires, Spirits, Humans, Werewolves and Devils!

The rule this week was that all land produced mana of any colour so it made the games quicker and allowed decks to have the best spells from any colour!

The result was another win for Robert, this time with Spirits! The tribal scores were:

Spirits 36
Devils 12
Humans 9
Werewolves 6
Vampires 3

Which makes the current overall standings:

Spirits 63
Humans 44
Werewolves 30
Devils 24
Vampires 18
Zombies 0

Spirits are now firmly at the top, and the card of the day was definatitly 'Strangleroot Geist' which featured in three decks!

Next week all player will start on 15 life, so what creature type can make the most of this? Will it be another great week for spirits or can werewolves cause some quick damage and dominate the play?

Gary of Team Gambit

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