9 Mar 2012

Dark Ascension League

The league is drawing to a close, this week players only had 15 life so games did not last long! We had vampires, zombies, humans and werewolves trying to make a challenge at the top of the table.

The new standings are:

Spirits 63
Humans 56
Werewolves 45
Vampires 36
Zombies 30
Devils 24

Zombies had the best results with both Richard and Robert scoring very high!

Next week is the final week and as it is the full moon, all lands tap for an extra mana of any colour that the land can produce. This should mean that some of the bigger creatures of Innistrad could feature! We will then know which race dominates Innistrad and also which player will be the overall winner of the league!

Gary of Team Gambit

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  1. Robbie11:46 pm

    I'm afraid I probably won't be there this week as I have to give a presentation Friday that I really need to prepare for.
    Best of luck to you all :)