6 Apr 2012

Game of Throne Board Game

With Game of Thrones back on the TV this week I took the opportunity to order a copy of the Game of Thrones Board Game from Fantasy Flight!

As with all FF games it is very well thought out and contains loads of bits, in this game you get:

Rule Book
138 Plastic Units
105 Cards
6 Player Screens
266 Tokens and Overlays

The Board Game draws players into a war-torn world of sun-scorched sands, lush forests, and chilling northlands. Each player takes control of one of six Great Houses of Westeros, then sets out on an epic campaign of combat and politics to secure total dominance.

This board game includes clear, detailed rules to guide you through setup and gameplay. Play begins when each person receives an army of footmen, knights, siege engines and ship units as well as a set of order tokens and other necessary components. Each player also receives a deck of unique house cards, which represent important characters from A Song of Ice and Fire and are used as leaders in battles against rival houses.I also found this video which gives you a flavour of the game!

It retails at £50, but Gambit Games members will get 10% off, if we don't have it in stock then we should be able to order it within a few days!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams


  1. Being a fan of the books, series and board games; I may have to look into investing.

  2. Whats the best number of players to make it a good game? Is it ok with two, or do you need more?

  3. The blurb says you need 3-6 players. Due to the 'underhanded dealings' aspect of the game I'd say 4 would be best.

  4. Gihan, bought a copy and has said that he is happy to bring it along on a Tuesday for us to have a test game!