13 Apr 2012

New Avacyn Restored Planeswalkers!!!

So those of you that know me and play MTG will know that I have a bit of preference to Dragons, Angels and Planeswalkers!!!

Well the new set is looking good for two out of three!!! Since there are likely to be more angels to be spoiled I thought I would have a quick look at the two new planeswalkers.

First up we have Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

Put simply, in my opinion she looks great, all three abilities are very strong, with the -8 being potetially devastating!

And then theres Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded a two mana planeswalker!!!!

This guy only has two loyalty counters so could be removed quite simply, but his abilities look quite interesting, and if you can get him to 6 he could do serious damage! His +1 is a bit unpredictable but with lots of flashback cards could still give card advantage!

Let us know what you think of these guys!!!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Adam T1:35 pm

    I really want a Tamiyo or two, the art is lovely. Tibalt is an interesting two drop, I'll just have it in my Jund deck for bloodbraid elf to cascade into, discarding Demigod of Revenge, searching demigod of revenge with Fauna Shaman etc etc. Could be a fun planeswalker in that sense...

  2. Both were unexpected; a Moonfolk and a Devil(?) walker instead of Dak.
    Tamiyo is quite strong and her obvious place is in a control deck. Turn four Day of Judgement followed by her to keep any threats locked down. Her ultimate is crazy; Forbidden Alchemy essentially becomes 'draw four cards'. The problem with it is that if you get to that stage you should already be in a good controlling position without it.

    As for Tibalt, I'm not sure. Yes he's cheap but he doesn't protect himself whilst his + ability will probably put you at a disadvantage most of the time. I can see him being side-boarded in against control decks to build up to his - 4 ability.

  3. Well if anyone doesn't want there Tibalt you can send them my way :D

    Got a couple of ideas for him, but only if you have enough of him to garantee being able to draw him.