6 May 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

At last we have had some ranked warhammer games! On Saturday James and Roy took to the battlefield in the Hove branch of Kids Dreams! Roy chose to play Chaos and James went with Dwarfs.

The Dwarf army simply had to much fire power and successfully beat the advancing Chaos Army!

Richard then arrived and decided to try his luck with a Skaven Army! His own army of choice being Tomb Kings were not quite ready to take to the field yet so he chose to command one of Roy's armies. The Skaven did much better and in what was a relatively close game eventually claimed the win!

With only three names in the ranking list for this year so far, there is plenty to play for! Once club activity is moved to the Shoreham branch of Kids Dreams later this month we will try and arrange a Warhammer evenings to allow more players to feature in the rankings! All of which should be good practice for the tournament later in the year!

Gary of Team Gambit

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