25 May 2012

FNM and Game Day!

It's Friday which means for some of you at least ... Friday Night Magic! This week we are at Shoreham and in fact will be for all future FNM's! The start time is 6:00pm and we aim to get games started by about 6:15pm. This week it is Legacy and the cost will be as usual £2.

This is the last FNM in May and the last chance to get an alternate art foil Ancient Grudge! I will be posting a plan for June on both the Kids Dreams and Gambit Games Blog sites later today to allow people to plan which events they are likely to attend!

Today also sees the launch of the new Avacyn Restored Event Decks, which cost £19.99, have a look at the Kids Dreams Blog for more details!

Also, just a quick reminder that this Sunday is Game Day! The event will start at 7pm and will follow the 2 for Glory 40K Doubles Tournament! So for some of you it could be a long weekend! Olly has already posted images of the top 8 and attendance cards, but the winner will also receive a special limited edition play mat!

Robert won the last one and I am sure is keen to retain his title of "El Champio!", but following their recent FNM success I am sure that both Tom and Nathan will fancy their chances as well! If you want a chance to win this great prize then all you need is a standard deck and a few spare hours on Sunday Night!

Hopefully see you there!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Adam T1:33 pm

    Huzzah! I can actually make it this week.

  2. Dave and I can't attend as we'll be at a quiz.

  3. Robbie9:10 pm

    Looking forward to the gameday, although I do not feel inspired to play any particular deck in standard right now. Anybody have any suggestions for a fun/interesting deck to play?

  4. I must admit I am feeling the same Rob. There are lots of cards I like but Im not intirly sure which direction to take.

  5. Adam T2:48 pm

    There are a lot of open stratagies out there right now. Humans are good but also Izzet delver is doing quite well also Esper control.