29 May 2012

"Skirmish Tuesday"

The first "Skirmish Tuesday" starts tonight in Shoreham at 7pm! On tonight's agenda at Roberts request is Necromunda!

Necromunda with a twist that is, as it is doubles week we will be allowing teams of two gangs to join together and form a temporary alliance. The two gangs will complete the scenario together and again any spoils as a team. Experience, etc will be awarded as normal after the fight has finished.

I will be posting a full agenda of game systems for the 'Skirmish Tuesdays' in June later in the week!

There will be a nominal charge for attending an event of £1 per person to help cover costs!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Robbie4:41 pm

    Is there only going to be Necromunda? or will there be mtg and stuff also?

    1. Sorry Rob I did not read this in time! The play is to have one main game system in play each week, but there will be MTG dependant on who is attending!