5 Jun 2012

'2 for Glory' 40K Doubles Tournament Results

Well the dust has settled across the battlefields of our first tournament of the year, '2 for Glory' 40K Doubles Tournament.  The day was fought hard by the armies involved, but we have to have a winner:

1st Place - Mike & Chris (Space Wolves & Space Wolves)
2nd Place - Jake & Jack  (Eldar & Tau)

Best Painted Army - Michael Russell & Colin Capelin (Blood Angels & Blood Angels)

A special mention to our longest travelled General - Andrea Crespo, all the way from Argentina.

A big thankyou to all that attended, but we must not forget our support team of Zoe for helping in the Kitchen and Paul for being our Head Ref for the day.

We should have some pictures of the day soon, so watch this space..



Our next Tournament is 29th July 2012 'Warhammer Fantasy Singles', details to follow shortly.

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