5 Jun 2012

6th Edition - July?

Colin here - testing the waters with a view on the changes to 40K on the horizon...

The rumour mill is buzzing around 6th Edition with many "spoilers" showing that its likely that the game will change a lot on this edition. Its time to consider the impact on your army, and refresh your knowledge of your codex!

A couple of highlights are:
Power Swords are AP3 - wow : Rise of the Terminators!
Vehicle damage is changing - no more parking lots?
COVER is weakening - and this makes the biggest difference to my Guard.

See this as an example of the positive buzz: Bell of Lost Souls

What does this mean - I would recommend getting the rule book as soon as its out and carefully considering the impact on your armies of each change.

5th lasted half a decade - its time to see what new stuff we are going to get in 6th.

Im excited - hows about you!

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  1. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Just been reading the rumours also, definitely will have to wait and see but a game changer all the same. Another point I was in the Crawley GW, and the manager spoke about a special event at the end of June, in preparation for the launch of 6th Edition.....

    Barry Team Gambit