9 Jun 2012

Fighta? Bomber?

Hi Folks, Gareth here - As a long standing Ork general I am excited this month for a couple of reasons: - 

1. The new edition of 40K release date has been announced. This is exciting for me as my Orks have been struggling in recent times with the new codex armies that have been released so am hoping the new rules breath new life into the Green Ones. 

2. The new Ork Flyer has been released and there is nothing more that an Ork general likes than a new bit of gubbins. 

As soon as I saw the new model I was going to put one in the army as soon as possible, its an awesome kit, and I suspect I will end up with two. The question is which one to do first? After reading the White Dwarf rules the Dakka Jet seems to be the one that gives you the most bang for the points, with an upgrade to three Supa Shootas this thing can put out nine str6 shots a turn (at BS3) and eighteen shots on the Warrrgh turn, whats not to like? 

Of the other two jets the second will be a Burna Bomber, the blast weapon that ignores cover is also pretty good and with the spare bits from the first kit I am going to load it up with bombs to make it look like it means business. So with the first kit purchased and built I started to slap on the paint. 

I have gone with my traditional paint scheme that adorns my current speed freak army. First the model is black undercoated and then dry brushed silver, then lightly dry brushed with bronze. After this a coat of Red is dry brushed on but leaving some of the metal showing, this gives it a slight rusty look as Orks are not known for keeping their vehicles it top condition. The model is then drowned in black wash, once dry the red is applied again and then a lighter red on top. Pick out the details, wires, rivets etc and then paint the pilot and job done. 

It really is a great kit with lots of options for modification. For the first plane I  stuck with the basic construction, but for the second one I plan to add lots of bits left over from the first model and really Ork it up. 

Hopefully this new addition to my army will get a run out at the next club day and not suffer from newly painted model syndrome and get blown up in the first turn. 

The new jets have inspired me to work on my slightly new themed Ork army, I am going to try a Mek army with lots of Kans and Dreds, I have already painted up a new Deff Dred and just need to do three more Kans, so keep an eye out on my personal Blog to see how thats coming on. 

Thats all for now. 


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  1. Great looking model, look forward to claiming the kill point!