28 Jun 2012

Gaming Reviews

Last week I went to see the guys from Wizards of the Coast and Esdevium Games. I ended up talking about the board game market in general and some of the great releases due for later in the year. During that conversation I was told about these two sites ....

Card Board Children on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun site:

and Shut up and Sit Down:

Both preview and play test new games and some old favourites. There reviews are quite honest, interesting and in some cases very funny! You may already be aware of them, but assuming that I am  not the only one who did not I thought I would share the addresses with the rest of the Gambit Games members.

Have a look there are some interesting games out there, maybe some of them we might be able to get hold of, let me know if any of them interest any of you.

Gary of Team Gambit

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