26 Jun 2012

Skirmish Tuesday

Tonight's 'Skirmish' will be Necromunda! If you play then why not bring your gang along to face a rival and try an gain some experience and stash! If you have never played before why not come along and learn a new game that is relatively cheap to play as well as being great fun!

There will of course be a MTG table and Blood bowl as normal, although the space will be slightly limited as we have a photographer in store all week! (There will be no painting area this week!)

This is the last 'Skirmish' of the month and I will be posting the new agenda before Friday! This is the last chance to register interest in a given system for the coming month. I have already been asked for another War Machine night and Flames of War is also likely to feature. Would you like a Mordheim or Warhammer Night or what about a go with the new 40K rules?

Gary of Team Gambit

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