24 Jul 2012

Dungeons and Dragons

So if you've been paying attention to the blog recently then you'd know that there has been some DnD played by some of the gambit crew in a secret location somewhere in Hove and I'm sure that all of the avid blog readers were deeply intrigued by the prospect. Who is playing the game? Who's the DM? Is that a fridge in the background of the picture? Well, hold onto your hats and prepare for the answer to these questions and more (Sam, Rob, Nic, Aaron and Dave/ Nathan/ yes, a coke fridge to be exact).

Okay so this is a basic run down of what the plan is from here on out, we had a few weeks that were not documented but now we have a system to actually keep track of what's going on (it's called a note pad), and the plan is to keep all of you guys up to date, in the last game session the group was changed a great deal so I'm going to start giving full reports from next week but for now to get everyone up to date here's a short synopsis of the story;

It started with the whole party underground running from some beast, whatever it is we still have no idea but in making our escape all party members were knocked out cold by something that burst through the walls of the cave we were running through. Slightly bemused the party woke up in a village near the cave, after being told what the situation was we were charged to relieve the village from the threat of nearby bandits, but promptly we were distracted by the inn keeper asking us to clear out a rat problem for him. In the cellar there was a odd idol to some god but it was damaged beyond identification. Mentioning it to the inn keeper did make him very angry though so we were kicked out the inn and so we moved to fight the bandits, after a short victory the party interrogated the sole survivor who told us that we could learn more about where the bandits came from at a different village down the road. So we returned to the original village to find it being attacked by kobolds, slaying the kobolds we spent a night in the inn and moved to the next town down the road (during the night one member of the party may have gone slightly missing). On our way we found a merchant who was oddly well equipped and some how had no guards with him, confused we bought a few things and moved into the next town with the intention of finding out more about the bandits. The chief informed us that the bandits were mercenary's that he had hired and was rather mad that we killed them, to console us we agreed as a group to help kill the remaining kobolds that had fled into the nearby woods.

Now you're pretty much up to date except you should know that the attack on the kobolds was scheduled for the next day so we went to a nearby cave to explore, here 2 party members died and so new heroes were made to continue the adventure, Which will continue from next week, so wait with baited breath and  till then guys have a good week.

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