26 Jul 2012

That Time of the Month

Right, once more we're back for Sunday Club Day at Glebe Villas, Hove (directions here).

The plan this month is as follows...

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament is unfortunately cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, but there is still a large contingent of fantasy players attending.

The new 40k rule book is out, Mike and Colin will be demoing the new rules and taking questions if anyone can't be bothered to read it for themselves (I'll be watching this).

War Machine and Horde is also being talked about on Facebook, so that's a safe bet if you want a game.

On the card tables there will be the normal mix of casual MTG of every format, a touch of Pokemon, Redakai and Vanguard.

Board game of the month is Robo-Rally, but the normal mix of club games will be available. We will also be demoing copies of the new Dungeons and Dragons board game.

Don't forget the Bloodbowl, Necromunda, 40k and Fantasy could be ranked if you want. I'll be bringing down my Necromunda gang if anyone fancies it.

A table for Dystopian will probably be available if you've got a fleet to bring.

In short, whatever you want to play will probably, more than likely be there :D

If you want to set up specific games, head over to the Facebook group or comment on this post.

Don't forget we are selling refreshments if you need and under 17's are out at 5.30.

See you there, Olly for GGUK

Ooo before I forget, there will be a meeting in the morning (9:30) about Gambit potentially heading to Salute next year. All who wish to input ideas are invited to at this point :D

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  1. David W5:20 pm

    I'd like to obtain the following...
    midnight guard x1
    intangible virtue x2
    dual casting x1
    please could somone bring them for trades
    thanks in advance