15 Aug 2012

Dystopian Developments

Spartan Games have posted new units on their blog for Dystopian Wars players to engage with.

Prussian Empire 


Prussian players are to receive two new units; Fausts and the Aufseher Class Assault Airship.  

Heavy im-pact with the Devil: Fausts beside an A6-V  Medium Tank

Fausts are scaled down versions of the Metzger Class Robot. They are manned combat robots used as shock infantry, capable of engaging light tanks with ease. There are no details as to what their capabilities and weaponry comprises but, following Prussian technology and tactics so far, they should be fast moving, tesla wielding iron-men.

Fausts descend onto a battlefield via the Aufseher Assault Airship. 

Aerial Overseer: Aufseher Class Assault Airship

The Aufseher is designed to drop armoured units into the heart of enemy territory, following Prussian tactics of speed and shock.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 


The Commonwealth, positioned between the Prussian Empire and the Russian Coalition, rely on hit-and-run tactics to achieve their military objectives. Being one of the smaller nations in the Dystopian Wars world, the Commonwealth does not have access to the vast amount of resources available to other nations.What they do have fits with their military doctrine.  

Baltic Blizzard: Zamiec Class Sky Fortress

The Zamiec serves as a traditional Sky Fortress. It can launch aircraft and deliver heavy weaponry at a crucial point on a battlefield. This Sky Fortress also possesses a cargo bay, allowing it to transport light tanks to support the highly mobile Commonwealth land forces in their raiding style of warfare.

Knights of Dystopia: Rycerz Class Small Tanks

Dominion of Canada


The Dominion of Canada is one of the Kingdom of Britannia's most prized possessions. Canadian scientists have received support from their British and American counterparts to produce new machines of war; such as the Huntsman Class Tank Destroyer and Thunderer Class Assault Gun.

Toronto-tial downpour: Huntsman and Thunderer tanks

The announcement of these new units, as well as the upcoming Russian Coalition models, has ignited my desire to play Dystopian Wars again. I hope they have for you too.

Happy Gaming,

John of Team Gambit.

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