28 Aug 2012

End of an Era! Start of a Legend!

So Gambit Games has moved home! A big thank you to everyone that attended our last event at St Leonard's Church Hall in Glebe Villas and an extra special thanks to those that helped move the boxes of stuff to the new venue in Vale Park!

Once everything was unloaded, those of us that were left decided to christen the new home with our very first game! We played several rounds of Zombies!!! the Card Game. It was a great few games and with six players its easy to see who your friends are! For me the highlight of the evening was killing Barry of in the first turn, but without doubt the outstanding performance of the evening and one that legends are made of was Will!

After playing his map location which had three zombies on it, I played a card that would either remove all zombies from the location or double the amount! I was very pleased to leave Will to deal with 6 zombies and  I was already thinking of celebrating removing another player from the game! Will seeing an opportunity of heroic madness promptly doubled it again making twelve! He then started up his chainsaw and impressively made short work of all twelve of the undead monsters and stormed his way to the helipad and claimed an epic win in the third turn!

Look forward to seeing you all next month and getting a full days gaming at the new hall!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. I'm still washing bits of brain out of my hair.


  2. Were you using head and shoulders?

  3. No...that Australian stuff that Sainsbry sells. Is H and S good for dead flesh cleansing?

  4. That's what I meant. I was trying to make a joke about using a shampoo with body parts in its name to wash out body parts from your hair.

  5. Ahhh....very good...your subtlety went right over my head. Just like several zombie body parts did during the above mentioned gore-fest.