16 Aug 2012

Magical Holiday

Always wanted the perfect storage box for your thousands of MtG cards? Well now you can.

Wizards of the Coast are releasing the Magic the Gathering Holiday Gift Box

The box contains:
  • Four Return to Ravnica boosters 
  • 20 Return to Ravnica basic lands
  • Six illustrated plastic dividers 
  • Sticker sheet for said dividers 
  • An alternate art Dreg Mangler - yet to be previewed. 
The box holds more than 2,000 cards and will be on sale from November 16th. Expected price is $19.99 which translates economically to £12.73 at current rates. With VAT ends up around £15 - but then economics isn't my strongest subject.

Happy gaming - and storing

P.S. Does 'Gift' box mean it's free and all my working out was pointless? 

John, Dreg Mangler - whatever that is. 

1 comment:

  1. Robbie1:28 pm

    Looks very cool and cheap considering you get 4 boosters with it.
    I may need to get one of these, put an end to the many random boxes full of magic cards :/