2 Aug 2012

Vanguard and M13 League

Tonight at Kids Dreams we have had our first Vanguard evening, we had 6 players playing a four round event and the winner getting 12 points, winning everyone of his matches and losing only one game was Jake! The Vanguard League will be on again next week from 6 for anyone that wants to play!

We also had week two of the M13 League, this week Tom won with Nick coming second and the standings look like this:

1, Tom 24 points
2, Craig 18 points
3, Will 17 points
4, Alex 16 points
5, Michael 14 points
    Todd 14 points
7, Nick 12 points
8, Paul 8 points
    James 8 points
    Gary 8 points
11, Domonic 0 points

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