11 Sep 2012

Tonight's Skirmish!

Tonight I am planning on having a table for Necromunda and a table for Warhammer Fantasy! We have not really tried fantasy on a smaller scale so it will be good to see if it works as well as 40K!

I have a 600 point game organised, but would think that we could do games up to 1000 points!

Hopefully we can run two systems each week from now on as we only ever seem to use one table! I have also been thinking of adding Mordhiem into the mix from next month, would anyone be interested?

We will have MTG and Blood Bowl available as normal! Caspar has returned to college, so no cube for a while. Several players are having a look at a number of new formats including a cube designed specially for 'back drafting' so watch this space!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Caspar12:09 pm

    I'm actually still here for another week, the cube will return tonight :)

    1. Thanks Caspar, and thanks for introducing our players to the cube ! It will be missed!