20 Oct 2012

Need help with Modern?

Next week's FNM event is going to be Modern. We are planning to run a single event this week and it would be great to get a good number of players, in what should now be an accessible format to most of our gaming community! (Especially since most of you will have great cards from the Scars block and M12 that you will be keen to use again!)

For though's who are new to the format or would simply like some assistance in building a Modern deck or may be just some play testing for something that they are thinking of using on Friday, we have arranged something for next Tuesday's 'Skirmish'!

Both Tom and Andrew have offered to assist anyone that wants it with building, suggesting new ideas, discussing or play testing modern decks! If you have an idea simply bring along your cards and they will both be happy to have a look at what you have got! This should be a real opportunity to get things ready for Friday and if there are enough interested and time allows we could even have a small tournament to see how these idea's work against other Modern decks!

If you would like to see the banned list, then have a look at the Wizards Site!

Let us know if this kind of thing could be of use to you, as we could also look at Legacy and Standard deck lists in future weeks and even have some discussions on Draft and Sealed formats!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams

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