26 Nov 2012

Another one gone, only one left!

A big thank you to everyone that attended our games day yesterday and for making it such a great day!

Well done to Andy for hosting our very first War Machine tournament, the first of hopefully many! There will be more detail of the event in the coming days but congratulations to Luke, Jay and Alex who came top 3!

Attendance was generally high and the variety of systems being played was great to see! We had the usual MTG, 40K and fantasy games being played but in addition had Aeronautica Imperialis a game that has not been played at Gambit Games for some time and a game that personally I had forgotten how good it was!
We had 5 players in total for the game, 1 Eldar, 1 Tau, 1 Imperial and 2 Chaos! After several turns of dog fighting the game eventually finished on a three way tie between the Eldar,Tau and Imperial forces all finishing on 4 victory points each and having to 'bug out' due to lack of ammunition!

We also had a few games of D&D Dungeon Command, which catered for all ages including our two youngest gamers of the day! With new expansions out soon we hope to put on a small event in the new year!

For the first time we also featured the Hero Clix gaming system, which created a lot of interest amongst gamers both young and old and we will hopefully see this being played on a regular basis as we are now being joined by the Brighton Hero Clix club.

Th day finished with a very enjoyable game of 'Resistance'. If you have not played, the rules are simple and its is really good fun, so why not give it a go next time!

It was great to see so many new faces and hope that everyone will join us at our Christmas event which will be the last met of 2012! We will be posting some more information in the coming weeks about some of the activities and games that we hope to put on, but for now make sure you add Sunday 30th December to your dairies!

Gary of Team Gambit

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