13 Nov 2012

First Contact!

 A Warmachine and Hordes Tournament
In association with Gambit Games UK and Onslaught Games.

Event Details
Date: Sunday 25th November 2012
Time: Doors Open at 10am - Event starts 11am and will last aprox. 6 Hours.
Army lists MUST be submitted for checking before the start of play, the latest time for submitting your list is 10:30am on 25th November.
Venue: Scout Hut, Vale Park, Portslade.
Cost: Club Entry is £4 and there will be NO additional cost to enter the tournament.

First Contact is a 15 point, single list tournament.

Tournament Format
The Tournament will be for up to 10 players, and all participants will compete over a maximum of 4 rounds in a Swiss Tournament format, or until a single player is undefeated.
Initial pairings will be determined randomly, and further round pairings will be determined based on previous round results.

Wins will score 1 Tournament Point (TP), draws at dice down and loses will score 0 TP.

There will be a prize of a £20 Voucher, redeemable at Onslaught games for the First placed player, and a £5 Voucher for the Second placed player.

Event Etiquette
The event is designed to be accessible to new players, and a soft introduction to the tournament scene and as such;
Whilst this is a competitive environment for the purposes of the tournament, the objective is to have fun and enjoy the game.

Look forward to seeing you all on the day, and happy gaming!
If you have any questions or queries, contact me on warmahordes.events@gmail.com

If anyone wants a full tournament pack then you can pick up a copy at Onslaught Games, Kids Dreams or we can e-mail one to you!

Andy of Team Gambit

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