21 Dec 2012

Tonight's FNM

Tonight it is the last FNM before Christmas! Assuming the world does not end then we will be holding two events!

There will be a 'Dark Ascension' Draft! This will be for a maximum of 12 players! It ill cost £12 to play. I need a minimum of 8 players and it will be first come first served, so if you want a space let me know ASAP!

For anyone that has not played in a draft before, each player gets given three boosters, and sits at a table (random order will be generated by the computer) then you open one booster pack, pick one card from it to keep, and pass the rest to your neighbor on the left. Each other player does the same, so you end up with the same number of cards as you would have had you just opened the pack. Once all the cards are picked from the first pack, everyone opens a second pack, picks one card, and passes to the right. The third pack is then passed to the left again. Once all cards are chosen, players build forty-card decks and are randomly paired up to play.

In addition to this there will be a Standard event which will cost £2 as normal! I will try to get things started for 6:15pm (late players may miss the first round!)

Let me know what event you are interested in and hopefully see you tonight!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams

1 comment:

  1. Robbie11:39 am

    Sign me up for the draft :)

    Matt should be along for the draft as well.