8 Jan 2013

Blood Bowl

Tonight is 'Skirmish Tuesday' and to start the new year off, I would like to run a Blood Bowl league for the next few weeks, probably ending in March.

Ideally I would like about 8 teams, the idea being that everyone will play each other once and then finish with a top four play off at the club day at the end of March!

Games can be played at club days (both Sunday and Tuesday nights) and can also be arranged for any time whilst the shop is open!

I would like to get a trophy arranged for the event so I am looking for a £3 entry fee for each team!

I plan to start some of the games this evening, but I need to know by end of next week who is interested so that I can draw up a league table!

As well as the league I hope to run a single day event for blood bowl later in the year, details of which will follow later!


  1. AdamT3:12 pm

    I'd be interested in playing but since I've only played the PC game, which is terrible, I'll need to learn how to play.

  2. Adam, pop in and we could sort out a demo game for you!