6 Feb 2013

Super Dungeons?

Hi All, hope everyone is well.

Since Christmas I've had the pleasure to play a new game - Super Dungeon Explore.

It's a strange concoction of board game and computer game mimicry all wrapped in a glorious chibi coating. I've not really known quite what to write about it, it's just been really fun and engaging with enough tactics to keep you wanting more.

I am fortunate to have 2 blogs to forward you to in my inability, firstly Pete's hobby blog 'Inquisitor James' (the owner of said game). Pete has been writing up quite detailed articles of characters, the basic gist of the game and some little glimmers into events in games he's had. Secondly 'Hobby before I die', that has been apart of some of our games and has written a couple of bits that may well get you a little excited about it. Go check out their articles, you will not regret it, but first -

Happy Gaming All,

Olly, GGUK

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