8 Mar 2013

Blood Bowl Update!

On Tuesday night the latest Blood Bowl Game in our league was played. This game saw the Nagorath Startstealers take on the Organ Donors. Turnout was poor with only 11,000 fans coming through the gate!

In the first half the Stealers took the early initiative and scored a quick touchdown thanks to a bluff from the Dark Elf team forcing the Orcs to leave and opening in their line and a quick run by Udolf Ashfall! The Organ Donors seem unable to hit the elves hard enough and with a series of effective dodges the elves soon set up another touchdown, this time thanks to captain Damukror Dreamarrow! The first half finished with the Starstealers having a commanding lead of 2-0!

In the second half the Orcs were much more organised and catching the ball to a high kick immediately protected the ball carrier by boxing him in between two blitzers and two black Orcs! This time the Donors seemed to hit with everything and it was not long before the Stealers were down to 10 players! The cube of Orcs made steady progress towards the elf line but time was running out and the Donors needed to take a chance if they wanted to tie the game! Seeing a chance to score the Orc with ball broke free from the cube and ran for the line! The Dark Elf team responded quickly and following an effective blitz which sent the ball straight into the hands of thrower Lero Emberwolf, the Donors chances of scoring the two touchdowns needed slipped away! As Orcs took their anger out on any Elf player that was close enough, Emberwolf made the most of the confusion and threw the ball to Andor Curseblow, who made an easy catch as the Orcs were still concentrated in the one area! A quick run and hand off to the captain for Dreamarrows second touchdown of the game and it was all but over. The Elf team suffered a couple of knock outs but it was too late in the game to make a difference and the game ended 3-0!

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