29 Mar 2013

Star Trek Attack Wing

Utilizing the Flight Path Maneuver system, Star Trek Attack Wing brings the Final Frontier to your tabletop in this new and exciting Star Trek offering from WizKids Games! 

The Starter Set Includes:
1 Federation USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-Class Starship)
1 Klingon IKC Maht-H'a (Vor'cha-Class Starship)
1 Romulan IRW Khazara (D'deridex-Class Starship)
Quick Start Rules
Ship, Captain, and Crew/Upgrade Cards
Range Ruler and Game Tokens

There are also eight one-ship expansion packs (spanning all three affiliations above, plus the Dominion) which will further enhance your Attack Wing games. Ask your sales rep today! Available this August!

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