14 Mar 2013

This Weeks FNM

This week I am changing the planned FNM from DRAFT to LEGACY!!!

There are two reasons for this, firstly I had hoped to draft something other than Gatecrash and I have a better chance of getting older sets at the end of the month when our supplier generally gets restocks, but the main reason is that this will be Tom's last FNM with us before he moves away!

Legacy has always been championed by Tom and I think it is a fitting way to say farewell!!! The event will start at 6:15 as normal and cost £2. I hope that as many as possible can come along to say goodbye and get one final chance to beat him!

For those that do not have a LEGACY deck I will be holding a side event of STANDARD as well! Please be aware that I will need a minimum of 8 players in both events!!! Alternatively why not purchase one of the brand new duel decks ...

both decks are legacy legal and ready to play straight out of the box, details of this product can be found at : http://kidsdreamstoys.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/released-tomorrow.html

I have rescheduled the DRAFT event for Friday 29th March

Hopefully see you all on Friday!

Gary of Kids Dreams and Team Gambit

1 comment:

  1. Robbie1:37 pm

    Fantastic, I need to get in as much legacy practice as possible for the GP (not that it will help :P).

    It's sad to see Tom go though, good luck mate :)