12 Apr 2013

March at Gambit Games

March was a busy month for Gambit as well as testing for our demo game at Salute which is due in just a few days time (more to be posted about this soon!) we have had quite high turnout at our weekly 'Skirmish Tuesday' which has seen a lot of board games being played along with a MTG Unhinged draft and the return of Caspar very popular MTG cube!

In Kids Dreams we have had the first every Cardfight Vanguard Trio event which was one by Team Top Five!!! This month it will be the store qualifier so it offers teams the chance to qualify for Nationals later in the year! We also celebrated Table Top Day with a day dedicated to playing some of the best board games currently available!

The Young Guns have been playing a lot of 40K and the campaign has progress well with the Eldar currently dominating the games!

Sunday 31st March was not only Easter Sunday but also a Gambit Games Game Day!!!

A big thank you to everyone that attended and making it such a fun day and playing an impressive 19 different game systems! At one point in the day every one of our 12 tables table had something different on it. Despite our concerns about running the holiday keeping attendance low, it was actually one of our highest turnouts!

Board games were very popular throughout the day with classics such as Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Pandemic and Carcasonne all getting a lot of new players!

Our youngest player Lily (aged 7) joins in with Ticket to Ride
Zombicide was again a popular game this month seeing players working together to beat the zombie horde!

The guys from Brighton Heroclix were with us again, this time with a 'Hulk' themed game! Next month they will be running some demo games for new players, so if you have thought about giving it a try know just might be the time!

We also held our first ever Dungeon Command event (A trial format, with more planned for later in the year!) which attracted players of all ages and saw Aaron crowned 'Lord of the Dungeon'

Table top miniatures games were still the most played games on the day with players competing in almost all formats, 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Flames of War, Bolt Action, War Machine

MTG, Pokemon and Vanguard were all played throughout the day and with no event this month gave the opportunity for some multi player games and some tutorials for new players!

All in all a great day, lots of gaming with players of all ages and experiences, a great way to enjoy a bank holiday weekend!

A slightly quieter month on the blog, but here a a couple of articles that you may have missed ....

Hopefully we will see you all at the next game day or maybe one of our Skirmishes at Kids Dreams. Next month we will have the MTG Dragon's Maze pre-release (tickets for which can be purchased online NOW). Kids Dreams will be there as normal along with Onslaught Games so if you want anything please get in touch!

Gary of Team Gambit

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